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Clean Your Water!

Why are we doing this?
Well, it is important that people know how their water is and what they can do to clean it.
But they say we have the cleanest water in the world? Yes - they say that - but how many people can check if it's true? The PPM content of substances in the water (and here we don't know what the PPMs are) is (it means 'part per million') is often as high as 500.The higher the number - the more contaminated / poisoned - with something.In the water industry, it is said that when the number is below 40 PPM, it is considered clean.We try to get as close to zero as possible and often the number is below 20 PPM.If you want to know what the number is in your area, tjek the map.
Bestwater Purification systems are offered. Prices from 300-5000 Euro. We have done PPM tests in the following locations:


When measuring particles in the water PPM (Parts Per Million), the number is often around 350-550 in Denmark.

Some places lower - others higher.
If you assume that 1 PPM only weighs the same as water (which will probably never be the case) - i.e. 1 kg. per liter -
then 400 PPM means that when you have used 1 million liters of water (approx. 3 years of consumption for an active family), you will have been in contact with
400 kg of material that should NOT be in the water.

The water companies are happy to show you what it is - because they test the water. The problem is that they only do a very limited amount of testing of the water - often between 40-60 tests. They have to know what to look for, and for each item to be tested, very large sums of money are paid.

This means that there can be an almost infinite number of substances in the water that are NOT tested for. Medicine residues are unfortunately a bigger
and growing problem. 53,617,450 prescriptions redeemed in 2021 is a very large number. And there are many studies that show that a large proportion of these medications leave the body again.

In Denmark alone, 270 billion DKK will be spent on healthcare in 2021... Could it be that this figure could be lowered if people had access to
to perfectly clean spring water? Who knows? No one will ever be able to prove such a claim - you have to feel what feels right and wrong.
The fact is that your body is exposed to many things that a body just 100 years ago would never have to expend energy to clean out.